Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ken & Joanne Wedding Day

Ken & Joanne Wedding Day
Date : 28.11.2008
Location : Klang

Thursday, November 13, 2008

En Gin & Pei Fen Pre-Wedding photoshoot in KL

En Gin & Pei Fen Pre-Wedding photoshoot in KL & Putrajaya, It was my pleasure to be their photographer. We went for 2 days shots, 1st day from KL to Putrajaya, 2nd day in Kl but weather not so good..(rainy day).. not much photos taken, but we had tried few shot taken in the rain with the church as background.. :)

Here are just some photos to share, not much time to process the rest.. just for your sneak preview at this moment.. more to come.. :)

"Right here waiting"

"A Journey of the heart"

Some shots in Putrajaya... more to come later

Some shots in KL Temple... more to come.. :)