Friday, April 20, 2007

Horses Photo-Art Gallery

Location: Mon't Kiara Equestrian club
Period: 2 weeks(4 times visited)

I've been longing to shoot horses photo for long time, inspired by one of the master in shooting horses photo which i saw it the net.(can't remembered his name)

Shooting horses photo is definitely something new to me. I have no idea how to shoot and i can only search the method from the net.

Had a hard time to shoot horse for the first time, out of 50 over pics, only 2/3 been selected, others to be eliminated. Second time shooting, got 2/3 pics, third time had 4 pics....etc...

Shooting horses portrait was not as easy as i think, there don't pose for u, and u had to wait for their 'best pose' instead.. when u go near to them, there will come close to you..but u can't take good portrait of it when is too close(it will look like 'long face') there r certain rules of shooting horses photos..

Why i named this album as "Horses Photo-Art Gallery"? Other than captured best pose of horses, I did post-processing some of the pics to make it more 'art feel' by using PS.

Kindly leave comments on this album as needed your view of my work. Enjoy!

2oth April 2007...
Wanted to pay my 5th & last visits to the horses this morning, to take few shots n say goodbye to them as to end my horses album. But i did not go due to a moody sky, makes moody mood of me....kind of miss them. Well.. life is like this, you would never stay on one thing for too long, there are many other beautiful things for us to capture, moving to something new, to a new experience, new moves on...(sorry guz, was feeling moody this morning, thats y lots of 'crabby' thought came out :P

Went to the Mon't Kiara Equestrian club to have horses photo shooting for 4 times in different day, not many photos taken(been very selective recently) :P Enjoy!